Who WE are

About Us

It all started as an Italian car lovers with passion of keeping the car as smooth and new as its day 1 from having it. Working hard and establishing a new technologies year by year since 2008 in Rome and covering whole Italy in 2012. Going worldwide was getting the challenge to new level as the nature and global system is different from Europe, Suprema-Protezione was the warrior that kept moving forward to maintain a technology that is suitable for all regions.

As we are looking for a new challenge, Suprema-Protezione will keep developing and improving the quialities and reach the top.

Paint Protection Films, Window Tinting Films, Windshield Protection Films is the main products Suprema-Protezione has developed so far. Looking forward to start Paint Production and All Detailing Products in the upcoming challenges.


To have a car forever looking brand new and protected

In accordance with new legal requiements, car manufacturers are obliged to use water based paints to better preserve the environmen.

These paints are less resistant on the surface to scratches or impacts.

Suprema Protezione Paint Protection Film has been developed for a long term protection.
Thanks to its anti-scratch,shock self-healing and self-cleaning properties, Suprema-Protezione protective films offers perfect end protection.